Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Recycling Magazines

Dear Editors,

I always look forward to each issue of Country Living! After reading your July Editor's Journal, I thought I would share my favorite way to recycle magazines.

After I have removed all articles, ideas and recipies that I want to keep ~ I cut out photos to make notecards and envelopes. This card and envelope were both made with photos in the July issue.

I also cut out photos to decorate gift wrap. A pretty package or a stack of homemade notecards wrapped in wax paper and tied with twine is such a fun way to recycle.

Each issue is full of such lovely photos, it is a fun and beautiful way to reuse the pages. Any remaining pages can still be recycled.

Thank you for lots of great ideas and inspiration!

Monica Xxxxx


*carrie* said...

Adorable--I hope they send you a fun letter back, and that they want to feature you!

Wendi said...

I enjoy their magazine also. Such a great idea for homemade cards. Maybe they will even publish this idea!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Please share how you made the card and envelop in the photo, I would love to learnthe steps. Did you buy blank clards and envelopes andjust add the photos or did you make the card fromcraft paper or what? I would love to learn. I will be cutting out photos in the mean time so I'm ready for my next lesson.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will spell your name right on the form letter they send back? :P

Monica Wilkinson said...

David - Ha! I laughed out loud remembering that Martha's letter was not spelled correctly!

Lynn Marie - I'll post on this tomorrow!! So glad you liked the idea!

Amy said...

Great job, Monica! They BETTER print that letter too! :) You can send your readers after them!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic idea. I have so many magazines and refuse to through them out. Another good idea is to use the pictures & text to make a goal poster for yourself or kids. How do you file the things you cut out and save. I do something similar with all the cards I recieve. They make great postcards, Thank you notes, hello note cards, etc. It's simple and fun and everytime you see that card again it reminds you of where it originally came from,and puts a smile in my heart, especially Christmas card. That tradition came from my grand-Mother.