Friday, February 09, 2007

Bless Your Husband: Valentine

Emily was still an infant a couple of years ago around Valentine's Day. And, honestly, it snuck up on me. I had not purchased a card and did not really have the energy to make the effort of going to the store. I also felt like I need not spend money to show David I loved him and with all the craft supplies in our home, I should be able to come up with something out of what we already had.

So, this little garland was born! I cut hearts out of red and pink construction paper. Then I used a Sharpie to draw little borders on and I wrote verses that reminded me of him. For example, David models 1 Cor. 13 kind of love to me all the time - so that was an obvious easy choice.

Then I tied a piece of twine to each side of our headboard and used little clothespins to attach the hearts. I just hung this up again for this year as a reminder of these ways that I love and appreciate him!


Lisa said...

I really like this idea. My husband and I haven't gotten each other anything for valentines in probably 10 years. Money is tight all the time. THis is such a sweet idea that can be used over and over.
Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

This is really cute! And would be different than just putting hearts around the house which is what I did 2 years ago.

Amy said...

So sweet! I love this idea and I am sure he appreciated it so much!

Susan P. said...

Precious idea!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Love that headboard!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the idea! I loved it, and created a little one myself for our headboard. I hope hubby likes it! :)