Thursday, September 07, 2006

Homespun Harvest

Here is the first installment of our month-long look at planning an old-fashioned Harvest Gathering.

Today, we are exploring the planning, goals, and invitations of the event.

The first thing to decide is why you want to host something like this as that will help determine what you do. The goals I came up with for mine are:
- fun
- old-fashioned
- fellowship
- family-friendly
- creative
- encouraging

After you have your goals, you can plan the event around those things. For example, I know that the friends I want to invite have children, so family-friendly was one of my goals. I then need to plan activities that can be enjoyed by children and make the atmosphere child-friendly.

So, what I did was write out all of my ideas. Then, under each of the ideas, I listed what I would need to do to make that happen.
For example:

Bob for Apples
galvanized tub
- water
- apples
- towels
- blanket to sit or kneel on
- sign
- supplies to cut apples and "dipping" ingredients to make this a snack as well

I did this for each of the activities I want to have so that I can easily work on little parts here and there as I have time. Also, this way it is easier to have everything I need ready in an organized way and not find the morning of that I have to run to the store or complete other prep work that could already have been done.

The invitation should obviously include the important information such as what, when, where, who to RSVP to, etc... I also included a few activities and what everyone needs to bring:

I created this post card in Word using a graphic available through that. Then, I colored in the pumpkin and leaves using colored pencils since we do not have a color printer. Post cards are less expensive to mail and yet, you still have plenty of room to list all the details.

Next time: Activities and Games

On the subject of Fall and decorating - make sure to check The Sparrow's Nest for her Touches of Autumn posts!


momxtwo said...

Great idea. I wished I lived close enough to attend. (that is if I was invited)

Blessings for Thursday.

Wendi said...

Great invitation. Who knew that was available in Word?! (Yes, I am TECHnically challenged, but working on it!)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful invitation! I never use colored ink, either--but the pencil gives it a hand-colored touch.
Are you going to use the heirloom vegetable and seed stamps from the post office? Those would be a lovely touch.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not thinking clearly. Postcards use different stamps!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Meredith, What a lovely idea to use those stamps - I'm sorry they aren't for postcards, but wanted you to know I loved your idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. It's lovely! You're making very hungry with these photos.