Thursday, July 27, 2006

Simple Solutions

My Mom is here helping with the two little ones (yeah!) and brought along her July Real Simple magazine. I had fun looking at it last night and was excited by the following tips - just thought I'd share them with you:

The article was on household items and using them in creative ways or ways other than the obviously known purpose.

* Ice-Cube Trays: serve dessert or ice cream toppings; cut cookie dough into uniform size shapes. (I thought the cookie dough thing would be perfect for sticking the little shapes in the freezer and pulling out as many as I needed at a time.)

* Uncooked Spaghetti: push into cakes to keep them intact or keep the plastic wrap off of the icing; light candles - use to light deep candles if you are out of long matches; test baked goods - when it comes out clean, it is done!

*Baby Oil: untangle a necklace chain by massaging a small amount of oil into the tangle and using a straight pin to pull the knot apart.

* Dental Floss: slice soft cheeses, layer cakes or homemade cinnamon buns. I use dental floss when making cinnamon rolls to slice them evenly without the smashing of a knife - this works great!

* Cotton Swabs: dip in alcohol to clean the battery contacts of a cordless phone, cell phone or laptop. The clean contacts help it maintain its charge longer. I've never heard this - but am interested to try it.

* Bed Sheet: tie between trees in your yard to create instant shade.

* Pillowcase or Dish Towel: use to wrap your lettuce in before placing in a ziploc in the fridge. A previous post of mine mentions wrapping your lettuce in a paper towel before storing, but this would be a non-consumable way to do the same thing.

* Laundry Basket: use to protect plants during a hard rain or hail storm.

* Clothespins: write names of guests and yourself on clothespins and clip to bath towels when all hanging in the same bathroom to keep things straight.

* Scotch Tape: to test nail polish color, place a piece of tape on your nail and brush color on. You can simply remove the tape when you have seen the results.


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Mary Ann said...

I have had a knot in a necklace chain for a long time. I'm going to try the baby oil on it and see if that will get it out. Thanks!