Monday, July 17, 2006

Feeling Thrifty

Ok, put on your "Price is Right" thinking caps again and see if you can guess the price paid for the above items. I don't really have a prize to offer this time but will make sure to give you lots of praise here on my blog! :)

Remember, count the tax and our tax is 5%... have fun!

Here is what I purchased:
Coke: four twelve packs
Cura Heat: two pack for back pain
Herbal Essence hair spray
Kotex: three packages 16 count
Sun Silk Shampoo

Please post your guess in the comments section. There are some great deals still good through this weekend including:

*All Laundry Soap $4 each at Walgreens (I had two coupons for $1 and 0.50 and there is a $5 Walgreens rebate if you spend $10 on All products which brought my cost down to $1.56 for a 100 oz. bottle)
* Crest Total toothpaste 2/$3 (there were 0.75 coupons in the paper on Sunday)

* Staples has some GREAT deals on school supplies:
FREE (after rebate) Papermate Flair Markers (regularly $7.99)
0.01 pencil sharpeners, three-prong portfolio folders, and dozen pencils
0.25 three ring binders in various colors

* Wal-Mart has good school supply sales this week also:
0.10 Rose Art box of 24 crayons
0.20 Elmer's glue sticks two-packs

These school supplies make GREAT additions to Shoe Boxes when it comes around this fall for Operation Christmas Child - now is a good time to stock these items!

UPDATE: Thanks for all your guesses! It is fun! The one with the closest guess was Mrs. Garcia who guessed $5.45. Though, the correct answer is still less than half of that at $2.15! The Coke was on sale for 4/$10 with a rebate of $10 making that 0.50 for the tax. There was a $10 rebate on the Kotex and everything else was totally free except for the tax. We'll play again soon!


Laura said...

$36.39 is my guess. We also do the Operation Christmas Child boxes at our church here in Colorado.

Angelena said...

my guess would be $20.85


Amy said...

my guess is $12.37

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica:
My guess is $6.45 total.
I kn ow what a frugal shopper you are!!

Love, Grandma

Mrs.Garcia said...

My Guess is $5.45