Monday, July 17, 2006

Feeling Thrifty

Ok, put on your "Price is Right" thinking caps again and see if you can guess the price paid for the above items. I don't really have a prize to offer this time but will make sure to give you lots of praise here on my blog! :)

Remember, count the tax and our tax is 5%... have fun!

Here is what I purchased:
Coke: four twelve packs
Cura Heat: two pack for back pain
Herbal Essence hair spray
Kotex: three packages 16 count
Sun Silk Shampoo

Please post your guess in the comments section. There are some great deals still good through this weekend including:

*All Laundry Soap $4 each at Walgreens (I had two coupons for $1 and 0.50 and there is a $5 Walgreens rebate if you spend $10 on All products which brought my cost down to $1.56 for a 100 oz. bottle)
* Crest Total toothpaste 2/$3 (there were 0.75 coupons in the paper on Sunday)

* Staples has some GREAT deals on school supplies:
FREE (after rebate) Papermate Flair Markers (regularly $7.99)
0.01 pencil sharpeners, three-prong portfolio folders, and dozen pencils
0.25 three ring binders in various colors

* Wal-Mart has good school supply sales this week also:
0.10 Rose Art box of 24 crayons
0.20 Elmer's glue sticks two-packs

These school supplies make GREAT additions to Shoe Boxes when it comes around this fall for Operation Christmas Child - now is a good time to stock these items!

UPDATE: Thanks for all your guesses! It is fun! The one with the closest guess was Mrs. Garcia who guessed $5.45. Though, the correct answer is still less than half of that at $2.15! The Coke was on sale for 4/$10 with a rebate of $10 making that 0.50 for the tax. There was a $10 rebate on the Kotex and everything else was totally free except for the tax. We'll play again soon!


momxtwo said...

$27.30 is my guess

Thanks for the reminder about the Operation Christmas Child. We do that here at our church and those items would be perfect for those boxes.

Still praying for you.
God Bless

Laura said...

$36.39 is my guess. We also do the Operation Christmas Child boxes at our church here in Colorado.

Angelena said...

my guess would be $20.85


Amy said...

my guess is $12.37

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica:
My guess is $6.45 total.
I kn ow what a frugal shopper you are!!

Love, Grandma

Mrs.Garcia said...

My Guess is $5.45