Monday, May 08, 2006

A Mitford Experience

Here are some pictures from our trip to Blowing Rock, NC...which was indeed, a Mitford experience. My Mom and I reminded each other that the "Mitford" experience is one we create in our hearts and attitudes, not one that we find in a location! Blowing Rock and neighboring Boone were much more touristy and commercial than I expected. I think my favorite part of the entire thing was where we stayed, in a quiet and small-town feeling valley. Enjoy the pictures!

We stayed at the Mast Farm Inn:

This was the view from our room:

We enjoyed walking down Main Street, a visit to the Mast General Store, a walk through the grounds of St. Mary's of the Hills Episcopal Church. I thought this church even looked like Lord's Chapel. While we were there, the sexton was working on the grounds and offered to take us inside, show us a painting of Mary that they are very proud of, and tell us more about the church. It was another highlight!

We drove by the Samaritan's Purse headquarters and overall enjoyed a relaxing time! Our last night there, we enjoyed dinner at Sonny's Grill ~ known to be the inspiration for Mitford's Main Street Grill:


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like so much fun! We went to Boone for our anniversary last fall. Some friends of ours own a cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway that they let us use. We loved it up there! Don't you just love Mast General Store? It is one of my favorite places to shop.:-)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yes! I love the old-fashioned feel and it felt like we stepped back a hundred years! The Blue Ridge Pkwy was closed, so we only got to drive about a mile on it, but I can imagine it was amazingly beautiful!

Terri said...

What a wonderful trip! I've often wondered what Blowing Rock was like - I've been all around it but never visited there! And after the Mitford books came out, I was especially curious! Thank you for sharing pictures of such a special trip!

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

Oh I would just love to take that trip. The Mitford books are my all time favorite books ever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

What a fun way to share memories of our fun and long-anticipated "Mitford" trip!

It was a special trip and I was happy to share it with you!

Love, Mom

Peggy said...

I have lived here in NC almost all my life and still love going to blowing rock. If you plan another trip to NC you and your mom should go to a little town called Highlands,NC. It is built on top of a mountian and you pass so many beauitful waterfalls and breathtaking sights to get there. The little town is even better than blowing rock!