Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

It has become a tradition that I enjoy to deliver flowers on May Day! The trick is to keep it a secret and get up early to deliver before you are caught! However, after years of doing this, I was caught for the first time today! Oh well... wish I could deliver all of you a special May Day greeting!


Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

No on the web has inspired me in the way of my home more than you have.

Anna and I are going to the store this afternoon to buy some flowers-- I made a list of a few friends that need some cheering and I have 15 commercial size veggie cans sitting out in the garage just waiting to be put to good use. Now I just need some geraniums and some ribbon!!Thanks Monica!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle, thank you for your sweet encouragement! Your flowers turned out great! And, I am thrilled that the blessing is carrying on to others!

Nettie said...

What a sweet idea! May day is definitely an underutilized holiday.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

It was fun to be there with you on May Day this year -- I'm sorry I couldn't bring my flower home, but it's fun that I see it in this photo!

Love, Mom