Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finding Time

I have learned an important lesson in mothering recently. Finding the time for certain important things is difficult, but the payoff is huge. Here is what I mean:

I began noticing that on the days when I set aside time before Emily got up to have a quiet time and read my Bible, and I mean really read it - think about what I was reading and take the time to understand what I was reading, our day together went so much better. I was more patient, she was more agreeable, just all around it was a better day.

Then this week, I noticed another thing. That when I was lax about reading her a Bible story at breakfast, our days together were harder. When I took the less-than-five-minutes to read her a story, it made such a difference in our day.

All this to say, I have learned the hard way that pushing aside the most important thing - time with the Lord, just invites a more chaotic day. Putting Him first invites Him into my day to be the controller and guide of my day. I want to choose the latter, knowing there will be mornings when I will fail, yet, I will strive to start my day right and start Emily's day right.

It's worth finding the time!

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