Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mysterious and Modest Babies

I had been looking forward to posting the results of our ultrasound today where I would be so excited to announce whether we are expecting a boy or a girl!

And, in true-Wilkinson-baby fashion, the ultrasound tech was not able to tell. However, I am excited to say that the baby seems to be healthy and everything looks good on that account which is really the more important thing anyway!

I'm glad that I was prepared for the possibility of not finding out since we didn't last time either! I'll make sure to post again when we do find out!


Kathryn said...

A healthy baby is the main thing though...Knox was right out there in the open, no doubt about it--it was a boy... His Daddy was so happy! I was 22 weeks before I found out what he was. I cannot imagine how our Grandmothers did it, not even knowing if the baby was healthy.

Amy said...


I didn't answer you why we still have a month for our ultrasound. Basically the technician is so busy that at my 16 week appt they didn't have any openings for 6 weeks, putting me at 22 weeks. So now I keep having to wait to start planning anything! :)

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

I have five children and the first four were... modest! I was so happy when baby Jane turned the right way and we were able to paint her little nursery pink and put up a sweet girly border. Maybe you'll get another ultrasound?? Our insurance only ever paid for one.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Our insurance only pays for one - but we have a very nice ultrasound tech who is willing to squeeze me in between two other appointments where I would not have to pay! Which is what we did with Emily - so hopefully that will work out in the next few weeks!