Thursday, March 02, 2006

Emily's Busy Week

Emily has seemed kind of bored lately, so I've been earnestly seeking new ideas of things for her to do! And, I decided I would try something new with her every day this week. So, what she has done each day this week is:

Monday: Play outside with new ball
Tuesday: Paint-with-water book
Wednesday: Play with bucket of water, paintbrush, and cups outside. Thanks, Meredith for the tip! She also used the opportunity to taste dirt!

This is what I did while she was tasting dirt! (Thanks, Grace for the planters! The pansies did not survive the cold weather we had last week!)

The plans for the rest of the week are:
Thursday: Bubbles
Friday: Playdough

So far, they have all been great fun and successful new ideas for her to enjoy! Now, I'm exploring the books Baby Days and Baby Play & Learn. So, I'll keep you updated on Emily's new adventures!


Anonymous said...

Another idea for Emily: If you have a cement driveway or a sidewalk in front of your house, or a sidewalk at a nearby park, you can also take your bucket of water and a big paintbrush and let her "paint" the sidewalk. On a hot day, it dries quickly so it would keep her busy. This is an activity she will grow in to as she gets to be a little older.(But may enjoy it now too) Plus, it doesn't cost anything and it's something different.

Mary Ann said...

Sounds great, Monica! Another idea would be sidewalk chalk. With supervision, of course, especially if she is still into eating everything. :-)Another idea that I have used with toddlers in the past- cut a large piece of contact paper and peel off the backing so the sticky side is up. (Tape to table so it doesn't go anywhere!) Then let her stick tissue paper or scrap papers or fabric to it to create her very own collage. When done you can carefully lay another sheet of clear contact paper over it for protection or if it is really full(no sticky spots showing), leave as is. There is no glue involved so is a good activity for toddlers. I have also done this in animal shapes then used specific colors to stick on. Such as- all green for a frog, white contact paper with black collage items for a zebra, etc. Or use leaves and items you find outside.
She may also enjoy washable markers(with very close supervision) as it doesn't take as much pressure or effort as using crayons.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yes, my Mom and I remembered that I enjoyed painting the sidewalk - I think she may need to be a little bit older for that though - it is a great idea!

Mary Ann, good ideas too! I have a recipe for sidewalk chalk using empty manicotti trays for molds, I'll have to try that out as I have the trays stashed away. Also, I had just read somewhere else about the washable markers and had not thought of the benefit that it would not need to be pressed as hard, very good thought - I am excited to try the markers now! She did not try to eat playdough today, so that is a success!

Don't know if anyone has read the books I mentioned, but so far - Baby Days is packed with great ideas using mostly items you already have at home. I would recommend it to anyone interested.