Sunday, March 12, 2006

Celebrating Easter

Yes, I'm thinking ahead...but, I've had Easter on my mind the last couple of days. This morning at breakfast, I asked David if we were going to give our kids Easter baskets as they are growing up. He said that he thought we would but that it should clearly include something meaningful and pointing to the true meaning of Easter and the Gospel. I agree. I want to do a small-ish Easter basket for Emily this year. I do want her to experience some of the "fun" of Easter, but I also want her to grow up learning why we celebrate Easter!

I always had an Easter basket growing up, and I think it all comes down to what the attitude is in giving it. If my Mom had never told us the true meaning along with the basket - I might have thought Easter was all about candy and bunnies. A tradition I have kept up is making "bunny biscuits" on Easter morning.

So, I'm just wondering what any of you do to communicate the meaning of Easter to your children. Do you have any traditions? I read somewhere about doing the eggs/bunnies part of Easter on the Saturday before and then keeping Sunday for the celebration of Jesus resurrection. I'm just gathering ideas and wonder if any of you would share what has worked for you and your family? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I grew up with both traditions, the living room was full of hidden eggs, but we also went to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I think that it totally possible to have both beliefs.

Even today (33yrs old) I still believe in the easter bunny and know the real reason to celebrate easter.

Kathryn said...

We're not sure about this yet, either...probably allow a little candy and stuff, but really stress the important stuff. I grew up knowing the real reason, but my aunt did Easter Egg Hunts with us and Grandma always brought up little baggies of Easter candy. Mom always gave us something, usually a book, on every holiday--even Valentine's Day. I'm still in favor of that!!

Anonymous said...

Monica, do you remember the "Easter basket" I used to prepare using things that represented the real history of Easter? I used it in my Sunday School class for years. It included a big nail, a linen cloth, thorns that Aunt Mary sent us from Israel, as well as some other items. I still have the list in my Easter decoration box -- when I get that out, I'll send it to you if you are interested in having it.

One idea I considered when you girls were little was doing Easter baskets the day before Easter Sunday and reserving that day for celebrating the real meaning of Easter (not sure now why we didn't do that).

One book you may have seen or heard of is "Let's Make A Memory" by Shirley Dobson and Gloria Gaither. I can send you my copy if you are interested in seeing it. There are several suggestions regarding celebrations and various holidays from a Christian perspective.

Love, Mom