Friday, February 03, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I have the spring cleaning bug! Our calendar starts getting busier in March and later, so I thought I'd better go ahead and tackle this now! I have assigned a date to each room and am going to try to get the entire portion done during Emily's nap time. I will be posting what I do in each room and updates along the way just in case any of you want to spring clean along with me! This will not be a time for me to organize, just do a deep cleaning. Also, I have worked around busy days on our schedule and allowed for days to have no rooms since I don't want to get burned out or way behind-feeling. Some of these things I do more regularly than once a year, but just want to do them again while I am at a big cleaning. Here is the schedule I have set:

Feb. 6: Kitchen
Feb. 8: Dining Room
Feb. 13: Laundry Room
Feb. 15: Living Room
Feb. 16: Entry Way
Feb. 21: Master Bedroom/Bath
Feb. 22: Hall Bath
Feb. 27: Emily's Room
Feb. 28: Den
Mar. 2: Porch Front/Back; Sidewalks and Driveway
Mar. 4: Yard: weeds, leaves, etc...
Mar. 6: Car

I have scheduled a yard sale for March 11 and after that will do the spare room as it is full of priced items at the moment! :)

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Monica Wilkinson said...

I got your comment - not sure why it is not showing up here! Hope you can join in! :)