Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spring Cleaning: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

* Dust bathroom light fixtures
* Wash shower curtain and liner (with shower curtain and liner from hall bath)
* Wipe out shower
* Clean tub
* Clean toilet
* Wash rug (already washed with other rugs last week)
* Wash out trash can
* Sweep floor
* Clean mirror
* Clean sinks
* Sweep floor
* Dust ceiling fan/light fixture (with a sheet over the bed)
* I would usually wash the quilt on our bed but it was washed recently and I want to avoid too much wear from washing too frequently, so it is getting skipped this time around.
* Take down curtains and shake outside
* Dust blinds
* Wash window inside/out
* Vacuum out window track
* Dust thoroughly
* Lampshades and bed skirt - use lint roller (I would also normally wash the bed skirt - our bed is extremely heavy and I cannot lift it, so this will have to do)
* Vacuum

Update: Completed in 1 hr and 25 minutes. Trash can is still soaking and shower curtains will be washed tomorrow as the washer is already in use for today!


Amy said...

I found a great way to dust ceiling fans. Take a pillowcase and put a fan blade inside it. Use the top of the pillowcase to dust the fan and it catches inside the pillowcase. It works great, I had a little dust come out of the pillowcase and that was all.

Monica Wilkinson said...

I love that idea - I never thought of that and I have a stack of old pillowcases I was getting ready to sell at the yard sale! Thanks for the tip!