Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Entertaining a Toddler

Calling on all mommy-wisdom! I am searching for ideas on new ways to entertain our little Emily! She is almost 16 months old and is inquisitive and interested, but not yet able to ride a tricycle or color. Any suggestions on new things we can play, try, learn, etc...? I have a couple of books requested at the library which have not come in yet - so am hoping between all of these things to glean some new ideas. I did get her a ball yesterday so we could play with that outside, and she was thrilled with that, so there is a success!

Things she currently loves (but not for an entire day!)
* Books! Looking at the pictures, hearing the stories, turning the pages, etc...
* Playing outside!
* Blocks: stacking, putting in a box, dumping out, etc...
* Dollies and stuffed animals
* Taking sippy cups out of the basket and emptying the Tupperware cabinet
* And, a few other misc toys
* Sitting in the dryer (when not in use obviously and with complete supervision)

Thanks for your suggestions!


Meredith said...

My son loved water play. We would take a plastic dishpan full of water on the patio and scoop, pour, and splash for up to an hour. You can do this even when it's too cold for a kiddie pool. We did the same thing with a small bag of play sand. I liked the play value of sand and water, but the big "play structures" took too much room.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I've been enjoying your blog, so I'm glad to have a handful of suggestions to offer. I would suggest water play, too. I put my babies in a high chair and put water in the tray. They loved to splash and splatter in that. I've also used a dishpan with an inch or two of water in the bottom.

I've also previously posted ideas about entertaining littles several times. Here is one: