Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Thrill!

Oh, how I love Target clearance racks! Especially at our closest Target!

Now, those of you who have been with me very much know that I have been highly disappointed in the customer service I receive at this particular Target and though today was a good experience, overall they are still very lacking. But, here is the diamond in the rough. If you are willing to be the thorny customer who asks how much something is that is not marked, has no bar code, was on a clearance rack, and seems to be the only one in the store - you can usually get a good deal!

Today, my deals included a play grocery cart for Emily which I am planning to save for her birthday. I think I'll fill it with play food and dishes I got at a thrift store last summer! And, two boxes of "Making Memories" brand card making kits regularly hideously priced, purchased today for just $1 each because they were probably ready to get rid of me (and the clearance merchandise) ! By the way, if anyone reading this receives one of these card kits as a gift - try to forget you've read all of this! :)

I left excited about my deals and even though it is a pain to ask and I hate to be one of "those" customers, it is worth the effort and time to do it.

If you've ever been around my Mom or I for even a short time, you've probably overheard, "I just love Target clearance!".


Mary Ann said...

I love Target clearance too! I am lucky to live about a mile from Target now, so I can "pop in" often and check the clearance racks. Now I am keeping an eye on the Christmas and seasonal discounts. :-) Target is good about giving a percentage off if you point out a damaged product.(Noticeable scratch,etc.)

Anonymous said...

I had to smile when reading about Target clearance -- yes, we do love those clearance racks! :) It's even more fun when I can go with you and/or Carrie! :)

Love, Mom

Leah said...

With your sweet spirit, I can't imagine anyone being disgusted with you for being one of "those" people! I just don't think you have it in you!