Monday, January 23, 2006


Ok, I've just figured out the 0-12 month clothing sizes and now I am curious about the "T" sizes for kids clothes. Since I shop ahead and clearances, I am looking at the bigger sizes for Emily now. So, here is what I can't figure out:

- Is a 2T the same as 24 months? Or does 2T come after that?
- Is a 4T the same as a 4? Or do the single numbers pick up after the "T" sizes?

Thanks for helping!


Megan said...

Hmmm - maybe someone will come on here who is a real expert on this, but here's what I know simply from experience...

Millie can wear both 24m and 2T right now. But, the 2T's will probably last her a bit longer in length.

And I think length is the key to all of these other mysteries as well. I remember being really frustrated with dresses always being too short for Maddie when I was buying her 4T, but when I switched to plain 4, they were longer.

But in general, I always buy their dresses (if I'm not making them) at least one size, if not two, bigger than the rest of their clothes simply for the sake of length. I love long dresses on even my little girls and it distresses me greatly to have Maddie in her normal size and have the dress come half way up her thighs. Like - who would want their daughters to dress that way???

Anonymous said...

I was given an explanation at a store one time that I have found to be true more often than not. If you have the option between a 3 and a 3T, the 3T usually leaves room for a diaper. My son has a very small rear end to begin with, so after potty training we had trouble with some of the clothing because he would lose his britches!
I do know that not all places have "T" and non"T" sizing. At most of those places I don't have any problem buying the "T" sizes. His 2T were bigger than the 24 months. Just a little bit longer than the 24months mostly.
I hope that helps