Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Diaper Cake!

I made this "cake" of diapers for my friend's baby shower scheduled for this Saturday! She is expecting her third baby and therefore has many of the items she already needs, so practical is the way to go for her!

But, I didn't want to just give her a gift bag with two packages of diapers in it. I wanted it to look cute and more fun! So, remembered receiving one of these myself and decided to try my hand at making one. It did take a little time, but wasn't too hard. The one I received had little rattles, spoons, etc... tied on, but I chose to tie on little cards with Bible verses about the blessings of children on them.

When I looked for directions on-line, I found that they were very different looking than the cake I had received, so I made this one from memory as best I could. Start with a cardboard tube or piece of a cardboard box taped into a circle. Layer diapers inside each other and go around and around. Tie the first diaper onto the cardboard base with ribbon and then tie around the entire layer with ribbon.

On this cake, I used two packages (48 each) of diapers and a little less than 6 yards of ribbon. I hope she likes it!


Kathryn said...

I love it and its very cute!! I went to a bridal shower one time and it was a paper shower, since the bride and groom were both widowed and had tons (literally) of kids at home. I made them a wedding cake out of toilet paper, cheap Walmart flowers and ribbon. I thought it was pretty nifty. I love projects like this, they look crafty and are so practical.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'd like to try making one someday soon and you've inspired me to do so. : )

- Rebecca (via Megan's site)

Mary Ann said...

This is really cute... I've seen them done with cloth diapers and receiving blankets too. Then use diaper pins to hold it together. I have several baby showers coming up this year that I know of now. This is a great practical idea.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Good ideas here - I had not thought of doing it with other things!