Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Bargain

Six containers of deodorant, two bottles of shampoo, and two bottles of conditioner would have normally cost me $33.90 using the shelf price at Walgreens. Combine sales, buy one get one free packaging on the shampoo and coupons and I spent only $4.77! I was quite excited about these deals! The deodorant worked out to be only 0.24 each! I also came home yesterday with four free Wendy's cups towards a free airline ticket on Air Tran. All in all, a success.

(Note: The coupons were in this past Sunday paper, if any of you are interested in the above deals.)


Stacy said...

Hi Monica! I am officailly in the blogging world now...I love checking your website. Ok so your grocery list looks a lot like mine!!! Grocery Game? I got the exact same things so I was curious. I save so much with the grocery game. Stacy Richardson

PS My blog is www.stacyrichardsonphoto/blogspot.com

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yay Stacy! Welcome! I do not do the Grocery Game - I tried it for a while, but the stores in my area were limited on participation.

Meredith said...

Great job!