Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All Wrapped Up!

We arrived safely in Colorado Springs about 36 hours and a lot less hassle earlier than we expected! So, I have spent most of today wrapping gifts that I did not bother wrapping before flying in case they decided to unwrap and check what I was bringing.

My favorite wrapping supplies are pictures out of magaines, brown craft paper, and cheap twine. This has kind of become my signature wrapping and looks very homespun!

Anyone else have any favorite wrapping materials or signature wrappings?


Mary Ann said...

I like to recycle old Christmas cards by using the pictures for gift tags. I am a fan of brown craft paper and raffia/twine also. I like to use small rubber stamps and make designs on the paper.(I also do this on plain white gift boxes.) Also I keep the Sunday comics from when we buy a paper-it makes really cute kids wrapping paper!

Kathryn said...

I'd really like a cute theme too...but we have so many presents to wrap. My theme is 70% off wrapping paper and recycled gift bags, boxes, and bows!! I save them all!