Sunday, November 13, 2005

Baby Birthday Cards

I love the treasure boxes of each sister in the movie Little Women that are kept in their attic. I decided to start something like this for Emily. I want to help her limit what we keep over the years and to have a neat box to keep these treasured memories in. My mom and I found an amazing chest at Hobby Lobby for 2/3 off!

Being that Emily is only a year old, I am on the early side of collecting and keeping these memories in this chest. But, here is where the dilemma begins. What do I keep? How many baby and birthday cards should I keep - just the treasured few? What will merit itself as important enough to be kept in the special chest?

Anyone have any ideas or tips to share?

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Val said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your here through Portsmouth Tea, via a couple bunny trails. :o)

Back to preserving cards...I keep them in their scrapbook. I either put them right on a page or in a pocket. The ones especially dear are those from a Grandma who is no longer here. That squiggly, crooked handwriting is beautiful...I guess that's why all the scrapbook gurus tell us that no matter what your handwriting looks like, WRITE, because your children will love it. They're right.