Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Action Word!

I saw a billboard at a car repair this morning that said:

"Thanksgiving is an action word."

I love that! And, it is very true! I started a new tradition this year of delivering a special gift to someone who has been an encouragement to me in an effort to give thanks actively. I took it this morning, and the family was encouraged -

I took our traditional Thanksgiving morning breakfast of pumpkin pancakes in maple leaf shapes, sausage, homemade syrup, and chopped walnuts. Yummy - looking forward to ours tomorrow!

How do you give thanks?


Gamajoba! said...

Well, usually in year's past, my family just goes around and says what they're thankful for....this year, Greg and I headed to his youngest brothers house in Denver. He just recently got engaged and so it was all of Greg's family(parents, other brother & his wife, and the fiance of Doug, and her folks and brother). So we had 4 new people that we were sharing THanksgiving with for the first time and I was trying to remember what it felt like for me the first Thanksgiving that I went out with Greg to the farm to meet everyone extended and immediate and how they made me was then I realized that instead of stressing about what the day "could" be (with lots of people in a rental house & thinking about how Id rather be with my own family), I realized I could make it a GREAT Thanksgiving by showing Jess(Doug's fiance) and her family the same generousity and kindness that everyone had shown me 3yrs ago...Monica, I am so blessed to have married into a wonderful family who loves each other and are funny and VALUE quality time with each other. It really hit me how blessed I truly am. I have in-laws who love me, two brother-in-laws that incorporate me, and now TWO sister-in-laws who I get along with and laugh with and will share life with. Anyhow, so simple and (long) story, but for me it was quite the reveleation. God did a work in my heart over this past week.

So, I know you asked how we give thanks, but I had to share what I was thankful for because it was such a great revelation for me to see!
Hope yours went well. Jordan

Anonymous said...


This entry reminded me of a sermon I heard years ago about "Thanksliving" -- also a verb! :)

I'm thankful for you!

Love, Mom