Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So, we've FINALLY seen Napoleon Dynamite. There was so much buzz among people we knew, we decided to see it. It was a fun blast to the past and we enjoyed seeing old familiar things like Caboodles, Trapper Keepers, and the avocado crock-pot!

We didn't love it, but didn't hate it. It was quirky and nothing bad in it, but we probably won't watch it again. The fun thing was seeing familiar things and recognizing what others had mentioned about it.

I had an "Aha" moment when I figured out who Uncle Rico was and about his time machine having read something about this on Megan's blog. And heard the much talked about, "Gosh".

Anyway, a fun and quirky Monday night movie for us. We're curious how the MTV movie logo got involved with a PG movie though.

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Anonymous said...

What a hoot! So glad you and David watched it!