Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Martha's New Show

David, Emily and I are at his family condo for the week soaking up the sun and beach. It is wonderfully relaxing. One of the perks is cable TV. We always enjoy it when we come since we don't have really any TV channels at home much less cable. So, I was eager to check out Martha's new show which recently started.

I love the set, looks a lot like the old show - very homey looking. She seems a lot more outgoing. I don't know if that is because they are trying to get her to change her image or because she really is. But, I'm so disappointed in the show overall. I used to love the segments on homekeeping, plants, cooking, crafting, etc... Now, it is more like a talk show - with guests and a live audience. She does cook and yesterday taught us all how to properly fold pants. But, the overall feel is kind of like Oprah with a slight focus on home things.

Have any of you seen it? What did you think? While I am glad Martha is back, I guess it will be easier to go home to no TV channels knowing that I'm not really missing anything.

Update Thursday night: I watched the show again tonight - and it was so much more enjoyable. I must have seen a not as good episode the other night. I really enjoyed learning how to frost a cake, arrange flowers, and make ravioli!

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Leah said...

Hi Monica ~

I'm working my way through your archives, and am up to September of '05. I may comment on a few of your posts, even though they're incredibly past-due!

I, too, was somewhat disappointed in Martha's new show, even though I had never seen an old show that she had done to be able to compare it to.

I guess, after watching it most of the first season, the thing I disliked the most seemed to be her overall attitude ~ somewhat proud and boastful, and superior.

I subscribed to her email newsletter, so I can still stay informed about what's going on without having her "in my face." It works better for me that way!