Friday, August 05, 2005


A place that is peaceful.
A place of love.
A place that is comfortable.
A place of beauty.
A place that is cozy.
A place that is welcoming.
A place that is inspiring.
A place of comfort.
A place that is inviting.
A place that is simple.
A place to be myself.
A place to create.
A place to enjoy.
A place to share.
A place of life.
A place I love to be.
A place called "home".

I love the way the light shines in the windows.
I love the way the plants and trees look from inside the house.
I love the way the color of the kitchen looks cozy.
I love the way the wood of the tables glows in the light of the lamps.
Glowing...Inviting...Beckoning me in to a place of peace and rest.
Our Home.

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