Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gift Giving

My Mom and I have been talking a lot about the desire to continue simplifying our lives. One area that seems so difficult is the area of gift giving! With our family growing, our gift-giving is growing too. So, I wonder...

*Would you share any ideas that have worked for your family? Especially for Christmas - do you draw names, have a price limit, do one gift, do multiple gifts, etc...
* Does all this giving really please God? After all, there is a sweet and beautiful element of giving, but can't this get out of control?
* How have you communicated limits with loved ones? And what limits have you suggested?

I am really hoping to hear from the few of you who read this and learn what might have worked for you! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Monica!
I got a chance to take a look hear today and can totally relate to your thoughts! It seems like the list of people to buy/make gifts for is nearly endless! I know we had to make some changes within our family over the last couple of years.Being one of five children, it always seemed overwhelming to buy for everyone at Christmas time.
A couple of years ago we started exchanging names. My husband is included in the exchange. My mom takes care of the drawing and secretly lets us know who we have. We try to keep it a secret as to who we have just to add to the fun. We did not set a spending limit because everyone is at different stages in their lives and have different budgets. I think the main objective is to find something meaningful to the person you are giving it to.
I do think that it is a beautiful thing when you are truly giving from the heart. Unfortunately, especially at the holidays, it is all too easy to get caught up in the gifts and not the giving. I also think that it is a great opportunity to reach out to people with which you may not normally have the opportunity to do so. That doesn't mean that it has to be extravagant though.
I have learned also that pictures make great gifts. We tend to do a family picture at Christmas time. I feel that I am always being hounded for more recent pictures...especially of the kids. A nice frame and a picture make a wonderful gift for all sorts of family and friends. Then you can update the picture throughout the year if you like. My grandparents and aunts love that!
Anyway...I hope this helps a little. I feel like I am babbling now! Enjoy Colorado! I am so jealous that you are out there! I'll bet your family is just having a blast!

Anonymous said...

Some friends of ours have a rather larger family and they all draw names.