Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Two women came to my door yesterday asking me a few questions about the last days and the Bible. At the end of the conversation, they asked if they could leave a booklet with me and come back in a few days to ask me what I thought about it. I said that would be fine. So, now these two will be coming back and they are Jehovah Witnesses.

I've been reading the booklet, just for the sake of understanding where they are coming from. I seem to remember someone saying to suggest that I listen to them uninterrupted for ten minutes and then ask them to listen to me for ten minutes.

I don't want to get into an argument or debate with them and think that the most important thing is for them to really hear the Gospel. So, I was thinking I'd walk through the Bridge diagram. Any other suggestions on this?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog by searching for Audrey Broggi. I can't find a good link to her blog anymore. Can you give it to me?

Monica Wilkinson said...

You can go to the Mothering From the Heart link on my sidebar or go to mfth.org.