Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vacuuming Is Fun!

We finally replaced my $20 flea market vacuum yesterday with a really nice vacuum that should last most of our lives! It is so nice! I'm really thankful for the way God provided! It does not have bags that need to be emptied, but a cannister that you can just empty into the trash and I wonder...why do I get such pleasure out of seeing how much dirt can get into that cannister? I guess because I can see results or know that the dirt is no longer on my floor! I imagine that I'll be vacuuming more often for a while - just for *fun*!

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Kathleen Grace said...

I got one of those canister vacs and my teenage daughters were actually so fascinated with how much dirt they could see that they argued over who got to use it!lol! Of course that didnt last but it gave me laugh for a while anyway.