Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Homespun Heart

Once upon a time there was a baby heart. It lived in a home that encouraged simplicity and joy in simple things. It loved being creative and grew to know it's Creator more and more. One day, when the baby heart was grown up and had a home of her own, she longed to share these gifts and joys with others to help them cultivate a joy in the simple things of life. That heart is mine.

Today I am dreaming of sharing my crafts and ideas with others. I'd love to have a craft sale at my home or in a larger sale. I receive great joy from making simple, homespun gifts and crafts and I'd like to share them with others.

I'm praying about what to do with this dream of working from home, creating things to encourage others to enjoy being at home.


Amy said...

I like the new look and theme! Also- I affirm the craft idea. I live the blanket that you made, you could do great just making those. The balance is finding where the motivation lies.
Maybe you could teach crafty things in your church or something.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Amy, thanks for commenting! And, for your affirmation! We'll see what happens. Obviously I don't have tons of time to dedicate to making things since I'm running around after Emily - but would like to do small-scale. Also, I've thought of having a "Christmas in July" craft day next month where I could teach a craft - there seems to be an interest, so I'll post more on how it goes.