Thursday, July 07, 2022

Michigan: Day Three


Monday morning appeared gray, chilly and wet! We went ahead with our plans to go to Mackinac Island for the day and were rewarded with smaller crowds and some cozy photos because of the fog! Thankfully, it warmed up and the sun came out in the afternoon! 

I always love seeing Kelle Hampton's posts about Mackinac and had been wanting to go to The Woods restaurant at her suggestion. We finally made it and enjoyed a cozy lunch and the best hot chocolate!


Mom said...

This was such a fun day, and I love seeing these great photos of our visit! You're right - that hot chocolate was the best! :)

Agnes said...

Hello Monica,
did you have to take a boat to go there or is that the picture of the bridge to the island?
That looks lovely :)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Agnes! Yes, you take a ferry to the island. The bridge does not go to the island but does bear the same name as the island! There are no cars/motor vehicles allowed on Mackinac, which is one of the charming things about it. Only pedestrian traffic, horses/carriages and bicycles!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous place, even on the rainy days! I enjoy when you share places you've traveled.

Andrea L.

Ginger said...

As HOT as it is here, I can hardly wrap my mind around you wearing long sleeves in June up there!