Tuesday, September 07, 2021

First Day of School


Three teenagers.

Three different school options.

Three different starting dates.

It has been a busy month getting everyone back to school! But, we are getting into a new routine and Lord willing, this will be a great year for our three students!

Emily is a junior at our local Classical Christian school. She is thriving in this environment and we are so grateful that this is an option for her.

Rachel is homeschooling as a sophomore - she is doing great at managing her time and schoolwork on mostly on her own. We created our own combination of things for her in an effort to land in a place that feeds her spirit more and works with her personality. She and a friend do two classes together on Fridays that I lead - currently we are doing an art history class and a Jane Austen class. It is so fun!

Samuel is in 8th grade and adjusting to a hybrid cottage school which means he goes to school two days per week and comes home with work to do the other three days. It has been a little bumpy getting into a groove, but he is making progress and adjusting!

Here are some pictures from our school beginnings! I ordered the adorable cookies from a local baker.


Ginger said...

I ran into my former colleague, LeAnna, and she said she has Samuel! She is such a wonderful teacher! On a personal note, my mother died in May, and Dad (who has been with me over 3 years due to dementia) is under hospice at my home now. He has forgotten how to walk, but I am still able to maneuver him into a wheelchair to move him within the living room/dining room. His hospital bed is set up in the living room, but he spends his days in the recliner and wheelchair. Aside from hospice 3 days a week, I am his sole caregiver. I would appreciate prayers if we come to your mind because I have no nursing bones in my body. This is extremely difficult. He will be 94 in November.

Jennifer said...

I love how much care and beauty you put into events like the first day of school. I know your kids will love to remember those days. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Tina said...

What interesting learning experiences! I hope you will post more about each one of them and what/how they are doing in it. We don’t have those kinds of options here but I’d still love to know how they work! The classes you are teaching…again..please share! I started out with My Father’s World, recommend by you. I loved it. Unfortunately, I’m having to abandon it due to all of Luke’s “dys’s”, lol. But..at the same time, their curriculum really gave me direction and ideas. Now I’m not sure what you would call our schooling type? I use an Orton Gillingham program and they rest is interest based with lots of read alouds and scripture teaching. I can’t believe that the children are almost grown! Didn’t they just up and skip about 3 years each? Will y’all go apple picking? And tell me those cookies were as good as they looked! Too cute to eat almost! And I love your dress.

Mom said...

The first three lines of your post say a LOT!! Great photos of the beginning of school. I hope and pray everyone has a great year!

Mom said...

PS: Those cookies are darling! I hope they tasted as good as they looked. :)

Unknown said...

Mr. Samuel is always a reminder of how long I've been reading your blog. I began reading just a few weeks before he was born. I think I found your blog from the "blog roll" on another blog. Remember those? :) Always inspired by how you celebrate a variety of big and small moments in life, as well as friends and family. Even "decorating" for a little family picnic. Your Mitford Series was so fun, too.

Hope your kids have a wonderful school year!! I can't believe how much they've grown.

Andrea L.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger: we love LeeAnna! She has been great with Samuel! I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom and the difficult season of caregiving you are in. May God give strength and grace for each and every moment.

@Andrea: Ha, yes! I remember those! Thanks for being a faithful friend and reader!

@Tina: we are going apple picking this coming weekend! I can't wait!