Friday, June 04, 2021

Emily Prom

Emily and several friends went to a homeschool prom {she was invited by them and knows most of that group because of her years homeschooling!} - it was fun to see her make choices on being true to herself.

For example, she chose a simple and comfortable dress that she loved but it was not frilly yet ethereal which is totally Emily. She chose flat, comfortable shoes she already had because she didn't want her feet to hurt. She chose no makeup because she doesn't normally wear any, etc. I love this and am proud of her for it!

She got a letter in the mail and was enjoying reading that just before she went - I loved these photos!


Grammie said...

So beautiful and so grown up!! I love that she was comfortable and made choices based on what she likes! Love you, Emily!!

Tina said...

Monica, I’m telling you, Galadriel couldn’t have looked prettier! I do not want to say it but it has to be said: She’s becoming a beautiful young woman. Inside and out. I’m proud of her and envious.

Ginger said...

Gorgeous! Where did you find the dress? It's perfect!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger: dress is from - it was less than $40!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely lovely! I hope she had fun at prom. Cannot believe how grown your kids are!

Andrea L.