Monday, February 15, 2021

Inspiring Things

 * Faithful Workouts: I subscribed to this site around Thanksgiving and it has been a great fit for me! It is basically a Netflix of Christian workouts including weights, yoga, walking, aerobic type exercises and more. But the best part is that in every single video there is Scripture and a focus on our relationship with the Lord.

* Girls Club: in early January, Rachel, my mom and I met another mom and her two daughters for breakfast and thrifting. It was so fun that I decided it should be a monthly thing! We invited half a dozen more moms and their daughters and had 16 of us this month! It was so fun to watch our girls chatting with one another and encourage their friendships while also enjoying mom friendships and a little thrifting afterwards! The title and idea of this are inspired by this book!

* Social Media fast: January was a month of prayer and fasting at our church and I decided to fast from social media. It has really been a tugging in my heart to spend less time on social media and I found that for the most part I didn't miss it. Yes, I love seeing what everyone is up to and I love all the inspiration but I also feel some anxiety at the magnitude and quantity of ideas and inspiration out there! 

It came to me that the difference in keeping up with friends and family versus mindlessly scrolling is the key to knowing if it is a good fit for me. I definitely want to be intentional about staying connected but also intentional about not just going numb in my brain and losing track of time scrolling Instagram. 

Now that the month is over, I don't really know what it looks like going forward but it's on my mind and I'm watchful. 

* The Quick Journey YouTube channel: I discovered this through Instagram before Christmas and I'm so intrigued - I've only watched one video so far, but the whole atmosphere is so peaceful and calming as well as beautiful and homey.

* Signed, Sealed, Delivered: have you ever seen this Hallmark show/movie series? With the exception of one episode {season one, episode nine} we thoroughly enjoyed this series over the past couple of months! What a delightful group of friends and characters!

* Bella Grace Cozy playlist

* Monopoly Deal: we've had fun with this card game that is a creative alternative to the longer board game version but takes less time! We've also enjoyed a set of Dutch Blitz cards that we got for Christmas!

What is inspiring you these days?


Mom said...

I'm always interested to read these lists when you post things that are meaningful to you. I enjoyed playing Dutch Blitz and Monopoly Deal as well as watching Signed, Sealed, and Delivered with you when I was there. :) I had never heard of the YouTube channel The Quick Journey, but just watched a couple of her videos and can see she has very similar interests and tastes as you!

Leanne said...

I love when you do these kind of posts... I ALWAYS find something that is inspiring! I'm checking out the faithful workouts and signed, sealed, and delivered! I am a much more content person when I do not engage much with social media...
I do like youtube though... I get inspired with dollar tree finds and affordable fashion... its basically been my "tv" for the last year...
Have a great day!!

Tina said...

You always inspire me in some way or another!

I’ve also been off of social media except for a few blogs that I read. I don’t know where I fit in with it anymore and often I really wish we could all go back to simpler times. Letters, face to face visits and phone calls. I love The Girls Club idea and bought the book right after it came out. I confess, I’ve never read it though. My life has changed so much in the last several years and I’ve found I am living a life where I know absolutely not one local person that has any similarities in my lifestyle choices. All of the friends I had live very differently from me (with different values). I’ve resorted to, “this is the season I’m in”. I’ve finally embraced the good and the sacrifices and I hope that one day I can get that book out and start a Girls Club here! You inspire me there!

I can’t get Hallmark anymore but I remember this series just coming out before we lost the channel and I watched a couple episodes. Thanks for the reminder. I will keep watch for it. Danny has been watching Merlin and when we can watch things together, we are watching PBS Endeavor right now. I’m sure hoping it doesn’t go south! We’ve watched a good many of the British shows because they seem to be cleaner. If you have any other recommendations, do share!

Thanks for sharing your inspirations! Have a good week Monica! There is sale here today..a one day only sale on SUNSHINE!!! Hope you are enjoying with me.

~ Misty ~ said...

Hello Monica,

I have not commented on here in quite some time. I do always read your beautiful posts though. It sounds like your family is doing well and adjusting to new changes well too.

I have never heard of Faithful Workouts, I may have to try it out. I really like the Trim Healthy Mama eating lifestyle and they have some workouts called Workins that I am really liking. I have been going to the gym with my husband, that is something he has always done even way before meeting me. I am taking a break from going though. I don't feel good about myself going there and it gives me anxiety almost to be around young gals and women dressing in leggings they way they do. It makes me mad at them for not being modest, I know I shouldn't let it affect me getting my workout in but it does and I have gotten more introverted the older I'm getting and it's hard to be around many people.

What a fun experience with the girls club and thrifting!! :)

I really feel the same way you do about social media. I have actually just deactivated my accounts and am avoiding getting on there all together. It frees you up for more time to do things I should be doing more of and wanting to do more things not attached to a screen. I do love photography inspiration on there, even as bad as I am at taking photos. I am getting my older Canon Rebel back from my sister because she never uses it and I'm really looking forward to leaving my phone behind more when I can and taking real photos more. I admire that you take your camera everywhere with you to capture moments. I will always LOVE reading blogs though...there is nothing like them!!

I love the Bella Grace playlist and I will have to check out the other inspirations you listed too. I am working part-time in the middle school kitchen and homeschooling my 2 high school daughters too, although one works at Subway part-time and one is doing a horse training internship so I have a feeling we will be schooling through the summer since we're not doing as much right now.

I hope you have a wonderful week :)