Monday, October 19, 2020

Camp Cozy - Fall Edition


After nearly eighteen months, we finally made it back to our favorite camping spot in North Carolina! The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was very fallish and wonderful to be outside enjoying nature and just having no agenda and no phone signals for three days!

We switched things up by switching to a different campsite and I think this is now our new favorite spot - the above photo is the view from our campsite! Listening to the creek tumble over and around rocks and the breeze weave through drying leaves brought a certain comfort to our days. Crunching through leaves, smelling them as they dry and decay and picking up acorns, leaves and other nature goodies were all small simple pleasures as well.

We agreed that this looks like a Honda commercial! Getting up early paid off when we arrived just in time for a picnic lunch by the creek. Setting up camp was next and then the relaxing and adventuring began.

I'm not entirely sure what started this, but a couple of years ago when we came in the Fall - all three kids decided to play "Christmas" by setting up a tree and making a wreath and things from what they found in nature. This time they planned ahead and brought a few supplies for decorating the tree. They brought small gifts for each other but most impressive is the nativity that Rachel made mostly from foraged items and Sharpies!

I did a little Christmas crafting of my own - thrilled to bring supplies to make ornaments, working with my hands while enjoying nature was just delightful! A sweet friend made me the embroidery hoop for our love of camping together. 

Emily made a festive wreath to hang on the clothesline and then it was time for dinner! You've heard the saying that food tastes better outside? I completely agree! I love eating outside - and I love bringing little things from home to make it feel special and homey even away from home. In this case, a bundle of cute paper goods, a homemade apple pie, small pumpkins from our porch table and a table runner all came together to make a scene of beauty outside at our home away from home.

It was such a wonderful first day by the creek! I will share more about the leather ornaments tomorrow!


*carrie* said...

So many special touches! The nativity scene is precious and creative!

Mom said...

Oh my goodness - I love everything about this! I can imagine the sound of the creek and the wind in the trees and leaves, the crackle and smell of the campfire, the aroma of food cooking, and the crisp air. I love the creativity of gift making and the Christmas nativity and decorations, the time together for your family, and the new memories you've made. I'm so very glad you got to go - thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! :)

Tina said...

I agree with your mom! The weather and the place is perfect. It looks like there was no one around, which I like. Maybe yall were camping in the realm of Mirkwood because I'm sure those were pictures of Silvan Elves!!! I love their capes!!