Wednesday, September 16, 2020

At the Orchard

Last year, I wrote a fun post all about visiting the orchard and our senses! It is actually the first essay that I ever submitted to Bella Grace magazine, and while not accepted for publication, it is still a great descriptive of our orchard visits!

Of course things were different this year, I mean just about every sentence of 2020 could begin this way, right?! There were not cute baskets to pick our apples in, but we went with sweet friends and I am just so grateful that we were able to go and this was not one more cancellation.

I took the fewest photos I've ever taken on one of our visits to the orchard this year. I'm not really sure what happened, but I can only explain how I felt there as feeling car-sick with a bit of a delayed reaction. Would you believe I did not pick a single apple? After taking a few photos, I actually found a bench in the orchard and laid down until our sweet friends and Rachel went back to our car for water and Dramamine. I haven't felt car-sick since I was a little girl so it was very strange - but either way, I am grateful for how God provided even in such an unsettling situation. 

The girls took these next photos:

After some medicine and resting, we slowly walked back to the farm stand and had our picnic lunch! With help, we still had our beauty picnic as I knew that would perk me up to do something beauty-making! It was simple and sweet.

After lunch, we got everyone's annual photo by the How Tall This Fall sign! This always makes me think of my Dad because he used to look forward to seeing these -

Then we rode on the hayride and headed back to our cabin where I took a nap! Thanks for joining me on our trip to the orchard!

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Mom said...


Sorry you didn't feel well for part of this outing, but thankful you weren't alone.