Monday, August 17, 2020

First Day of School

Well, we started school! It was probably the least prepared and planned for first day of school in our house - but now we are over a week in and I'm glad we just jumped in and did the next thing! Emily had her first day of CC already and the other two will have had theirs by the time this posts. 

I told all three we might not even have our special first day of school breakfast this year and I was feeling a little sad about that. But I surrendered that to the Lord and just rested in letting it be what it would be. That morning I woke up super early so I had fun setting up a sweet table after all!

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Tina said...

Monica, you must have gotten up at 3am to put that pretty table together! I just can’t believe how much the children have grown. Bittersweet! Lovely family.