Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Laura Ingalls Prairie Homestead

We took a day trip with my youngest niece, Naomi, to the Ingalls Homestead in De Smet, South Dakota. Our family had been here once four years ago, but it was Naomi's first time and so fun to see her enjoy it!

Previous posts about this are here and here from our visit four years ago!


Mom said...

This is such a great place! I'm glad I got to be there with you both times you've gone! 😊💗

*carrie* said...

Thanks for taking Naomi along! Butterscotch the horse is on our trip. =)

Mary Ann said...

I remember going there when I was 9. So fun! We were just talking the other day about taking the girls there when they are older and have of course been properly educated on all things Laura Ingalls Wilder! �� Thank you for sharing!