Monday, May 18, 2020

Slow Week: Day 1

Thankful list for today:
Quiet time on the porch
Hearing and seeing birds from my porch perch
A butterfly flitting through the neighbor's yard
Keeping in touch with family and friends on Marco Polo
Breakfast on the porch
Sunlight filtering through trees and plants
Water drops on the edges of plants in our garden
A ladybug amidst the hundreds of dying aphids on our snap peas
Morning walk
Cooler weather than usual
Menu planning with Rachel
Grocery store success
Scout wagging his tail while dreaming at lunch time
Getting in to the orthodontist for Samuel at the last minute
Watering the garden and making bread - my evening routine lately
Birds still chirping as the day fades
Family prayer time after dinner
The smell of peaches from the Farmer's Market
Feeling more rested today
Free burrito and drink at Moe's when I returned some catering stands that I used over the weekend

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