Monday, May 04, 2020

May 1st

May Day deliveries ready to go! I love how the sun was hitting them the evening before - I had fun taking two hours on Friday morning to drive to half a dozen friends houses to drop beauty on their porches!

I finished my route at Dunkin' Donuts and brought home breakfast to my last-day-of-school students!

After our morning walk, we spotted this nest in our blueberry bushes! There were no eggs in it, but I think finding a nest is just so magical! Of course we left it there hoping a new mama bird will move in and hatch babies in it!

I also spent a while in the garden planting lots more seeds in my cut-flower garden! We have zinnias, sunflowers and Queen Anne's Lace already coming up - so I planted more of all three! Can't wait to cut some summer bouquets in our garden!!

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