Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Easter Inspiration

I've been thinking about how our families need us to value beauty right now - when conversations are surrounded with uncertainty and question marks - that wears on all of us and internalizes in different ways.

With Easter coming up, we can create a fun memory during quarantine while still celebrating the resurrection! If you're up for it, let's think about setting a pretty table and making Easter Sunday special at home for our families!

To start: think about where you will eat - will it be inside or outside? At a table or on a blanket for a picnic? Shop your house for a table cloth: some ideas are a neutral or springy colored sheet, a light quilt, a larger piece of fabric or maybe you have a table cloth you love already.

These (above) are what I found on quick look through my linens - the two on the left are sheets and the furthest to the right is a three-yard piece of fabric.

Now that you have your base, think about some sort of table runner - I love to work on a table in layers, just like you would layer a cute outfit or scrapbook elements. If you have a print cloth, maybe a strip of something solid? Get creative, this could be wrapping paper, craft paper, a piece of fabric, a cute tea towel you love, vintage hankies, etc.

I walked around our house and spotted all of these runners just in what we use everyday!

Next choose an item to set in the middle of your runner - I like to think differing textures here - something galvanized or wood perhaps? Again, shop your house for a cute basket, vintage canning jar, vase you love, or interesting piece that would look neat - anything goes, just keep in mind not to make it too tall so that your family can see across the table!

Again I just walked around the house and looked for fun centerpiece ideas - bird cage, tray, cake stand, etc - above are some ideas that looked neat!

Finally, if you have a basket, vase or tray in the center - think about what you can layer inside of it. Is there anything blooming in your yard? Look through any spring decor you already have and see what you can come up with - think outside the box! Beautiful eggs in natural colors would be pretty, or even a stack of pretty books.

Do you or your kids love to craft? How about tasking them with making little place cards or napkin rings? These are sweet touches to the table are simply but also meaningful. We want this day to be a celebration - it is the biggest day in the church calendar!

Other ideas - perhaps you can get out and go for a walk as a family, look for signs of new life and celebrate the new life we've been given! Do a craft together, read Spring/Easter books, enjoy working through Resurrection Eggs or other meaningful seasonal items you might have. Have an egg hunt or toss the egg into the corn hole boards! Get creative - not to wear yourself out, but to celebrate and bring joy to a special day for you and your family.

Here are a few Pinterest ideas if you are still looking for further inspiration:
- I love the colors in this lockscreen - print it out and clip onto a clipboard or chalkboard to adorn your meal!
- These little jars with succulents are so sweet! I recently tried faux succulents for an event at church and they were great - these are the ones I ordered! These could make sweet little goodies to deliver to your neighbors porches?!
- DIY He is Risen banner - this doesn't use any out of the ordinary supplies and is so cute!
- These Easter Egg pancakes are a fun idea!
- Use an empty egg shell for a mini vase - these are sweet for tiny blooms.
- Printable simple wreath place cards - these are fun! And here is a more involved DIY for print transfer tags that would look sweet at each place. See them in use by scrolling through this post.

Think about how this will stay with our children and even ourselves as we gather up this memory and hold it in our hearts! I hope this helps you feel inspired and ready to create a sweet family memory together over Easter dinner! Tell me your ideas!

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