Friday, March 06, 2020

February/March Goals

February Goals:

*make macaroons: Rachel has been wanting to try these for a while, I've tried once but with too many substitutions to be successful. We are ready to try again! Update: we tried this after seeing an article about it in the latest Magnolia magazine - it went much better this time and we were very pleased with the results!
*go for a nature outing and picnic as a family on a Sunday after church: this did not happen - so we might get to squeeze in two in March!
*help with decor at a church one-day conference: done, enjoyed this so much, this is what the plaid thermoses and flowers were for!

*celebrate our anniversary: we had a lovely dinner out and are grateful for God's faithfulness to us!
*finish a big project with Samuel to be presented on Feb 28 including food, costume and presentation: complete!
*survive and do what has to be done for daily life - only partly kidding: there is a lot going on right now and I want things to be calm and peaceful. I need to remember to just do what has to be done and think creatively about how to simplify in ways that I can and let some of the things go too. Wisdom needed!: I would say I did so-so on this during February while I was very intentional about it in January. 

March goals:

- two Sunday picnic and nature walks hopefully!
- visit a friend for a week in Oklahoma
- host a one-day training for my CC directors
- think about Easter plans
- submit an article to Bella Grace for the Fall issue: I have actually already done this, it worked out to get it done this past week - nice to have one thing already completed!
- do something that invests in our marriage every day - currently reading Dear Wife {this is an affiliate link}

What are your goals this month?

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