Monday, October 28, 2019

A Special Place

During our recent trip to Colorado, it was a treat to have a friend come out to Glen Eyrie to take some photos of me enjoying this very special place! I just asked her to take a few pictures of me doing what I enjoy doing there which is reading my Bible, writing, praying and studying. It felt a little selfish/awkward to ask someone to take pictures of me for this purpose but now that I have these, I'm so glad I did it anyway! These photos and the memory of being here another day are a treasure!

Tell me about a place that is special to you and why!

Photos by Becky Kyle @good-photo


Unknown said...

Life Action Camp is so special to me! Its 2 hours North of us in Buchanan, MI... its situated on a quiet little lake...My best family memories come from spending time there for family camp...and my moments where I have grown closest to God have occurred there in powerful worship and teaching over the last 5 years... I literally feel like I am entering hallowed ground when we turn the corner and start driving down the camp road!
I love all of your pictures! You look beautiful in green! You inspire me to try the same outfit combo (I own all of those same pieces in my closet!! :-)
Blessings to you!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

That sounds like such a neat place! Yes, I can relate to even just making the turn to arrive at the destination - love how God provides us places like this. Oooh - I love when I'm inspired to try a new outfit with things I already have! I like this combo because it is basic and feels casual but isn't too hot {south problems ;) } it just works for me! Thank you friend.

Mom said...

Glen Eyrie is a special place indeed. So many sweet memories there - church secretary conferences many years ago, tea in the castle, Father's Day picnics, your wedding, Madrigal, a family Christmas, and so much more. What a blessing this place has been to you and to our whole family.