Thursday, September 12, 2019

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Recently I found myself with some odds and ends ingredients that I wanted to use up before they expired. With some vanilla yogurt, I made this: Vanilla Yogurt Bread

And with two leftover bananas and part of a can of pumpkin, I tried this recipe: Banana Pumpkin Bread

During the hurricane watch and wait, a friend mentioned these baked apples and they were an absolutely delish treat one afternoon when we were all restless! Hasselback Apples: I halved the butter and will reduce the sugar next time but wow, these were delicious!

This is a recipe I printed out to try last Fall and then never did get around to it - so I knew it was the first Fall recipe I wanted to try this year! Crock Pot Apple Pudding Cake: this is a winner and I know I'll make it again!

I am currently struggling through classics as part of Emily's homeschool list this year. For some reason though I feel determined to make it through the stack. Currently I'm reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and for fun the first Mitford book and Walking on Water by Madeline L'Engle.
Also, these articles: Go Slow and The Most Productive Three Minutes a Day.

Listening to:
Invitation Song
What a Beautiful Name
The Faithful Love of God
The Next Right Thing Podcast
Shire Music
Classical Music for Studying

We've finished up through season five of When Calls the Heart - now we have to wait for our library to get season six!
We have also just finished watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea - our annual Labor Day tradition.
Any suggestions for what to watch next?

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