Friday, August 02, 2019

Thrifty Beauty

We had spotted a couple of antique and thrift shops and David said he would take me on our last full day. I found this fun vintage Thermos for a couple of dollars and had fun putting the flowers that David and Samuel picked for me inside. David got me the pinecones on our kayak trip - they are so pretty! And I love free nature goodies!

On our way home from thrifting, we spotted a sign that said FREE and upon stopping it turned out to be a garage sale where everything was free! What? I'm in a thrifty mode right now and enjoyed the opportunity to stop and find a pair of tennis shoes for Rachel in just the size she needed!

While everyone was out tubing {again!} I had fun taking some photos of my Thermos and side of the road beauty!

It made me feel so happy to take these few minutes just to myself to enjoy this thrifty beauty and take some fun pictures!

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Mom said...

Wonderful photos, as always! That is great that you spotted the "free" garage sale and found some useful items - what a blessing! :)