Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thrifty Beauty: Vintage Thermos Drawing

Here's another fun idea that I made the same day as my front door update! When we went to Mackinac Island this summer, the girls and I were in an adorable little campy store that was full of vintage thermoses and lodge + campy feel. It was so inspiring and cute!

One of the things we saw in there was a vintage thermos tea towel and I thought it was adorable. It was black and white line drawings of vintage thermoses all over the towel. But you guys, it was over $20. For one kitchen towel. I mean, I just couldn't do it.

Initially I wondered if I could make one and then just sort of forgot all about it. But when I was buying the flour sack towels for something else - it triggered my memory of this adorable towel.

So I pulled out my handy Sharpie and my own vintage thermoses and decided to see if I could have a go at making my own. The towels were 75 cents each when bought in a package of ten.

So on a cozy, gray Saturday - I had a little crafting session with myself and drew these thermoses across the bottom of the towel. I did heat-set the Sharpie by running through the dryer on high heat for fifteen minutes. We'll see how it holds up - so far I've washed it once and it still looks great!

I'm always hesitant to post ideas like this because I'm admitting it is not my original idea and also I know it was someone else's original idea. But I'm also not selling it or using it for personal gain other than to stay on budget. I love supporting other artists when I can and I also love making my own sometimes.

It was a fun project because I absolutely love my vintage thermos collection and how fun they look in a group. And, drawing them was not as hard as I thought it would be when I put them right in front of me to look at the design details.

Now I also have a Pinterest board of vintage thermos ideas/photos for my inspirational pleasure - you might enjoy it as well!


Mom said...

Love it!!

Mary Ann said...

How fun is that!?! It could be used as an outline for embroidery too. I’ve seen some cute towels via Pinterest that I thought could be made with a Sharpie but I didn’t know how they would wash. Will have to try this.

*carrie* said...

That turned out so cute, Monica! Great job. Yours is a one of a kind!