Thursday, August 22, 2019

Low-Key Book Launch Celebration

A small, intimate gathering of several friends came together to celebrate with me this good work that God allowed to be accomplished and completed! We had a potluck meal, did a craft together {from the Beauty Notebook!}, I read a portion of the book aloud and we ate some yummy dessert!

This hoop art is one of the projects found both in the book and notebook! This evening proved to me that simple and non-stressful can still be beautiful and meaningful! I'd hoped to all go to the dock to see a beautiful sunset and sing the Doxology but it was so cloudy there wasn't much sunset to see!

Thank you for praying for Beauty Maker and whatever ministry God has in mind for her!

You can read about my Slow Lane book launch party inside my new book and/or see photos here.

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Mom said...

Wish I could have been there for this celebration! :)

Anonymous said...

Me too! Love, Grandma