Thursday, August 15, 2019

Back to School and a DIY

It's that time of year for getting back to school and our house is no different. We started earlier than ever this year due to some outside scheduling considerations. In some ways, I think we all felt ready to get back to the routine of the school year and in other ways, we will miss the slower pace of summer.

Emily is starting ninth grade - so high school! This will be my first time grading her work with an actual grade even though we correct everything every day already. Rachel is entering eighth grade and Samuel sixth grade. We are still homeschooling and still actively involved in our Classical Conversations community!

As I was looking for some fun ideas on Pinterest, I just noticed I was kind of glazing over already. I like doing some fun little touches to make our first day special and just because I enjoy that sort of thing - so I really just sort of shopped our house and found fun stuff from previous years mostly!

I did make a couple of things including the fun grade level pennants - these were simple and inspired by some ideas I saw online but I just couldn't find a free version of anything I liked that had the right year or no year on it.

These little pennants are just paper, some cute washi tape, lettering with a Sharpie and a wooden skewer and fabric scraps glued on. Done! I think they turned out really cute!

A couple of other fun printables are:

This set of alphabet letters - I copied them over mini sized and made a bunting for a pan of Rice Krispie treats!

This is a favorite printable set I've re-printed several times over the years! The title on the page makes a fun sign on a cute clipboard as shown on top of the typewriter above!

All of our past Back-To-School Breakfasts and photos here:

2018, 2017, 2016 and here, 2015 and here, 2014 and here, 2013 and here, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

I've been thinking so much lately of living for an audience of one - in fact, I hope this will be part of my next book, but this is what we talked about on our first morning of school. Especially with entering upper school years and the many voices that come to us on a daily basis - we all need reminded of what Voice we should be listening for and how important it is to stay in His Word.

For those of you with back to school in your homes and families too - I hope it is a great year for both you and your children!


Mom said...

You have such a gift for just "shopping your house" to come up with very cute settings. :) I love that you included links to past first days of school - how your students have changed!!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are so fun. And what a blessing, that you have a record of all of your past Back-To-School breakfasts. That is something your children are going to love looking back on when they are older. :)

Shelly Long said...

Hello Monica! It is so cute, I was so excited to see that clipboard and globe, I have one too that I use on my front porch but could never make the plaid work for a summer vignette so planned on using in for fall along with a vintage plaid thermos. Thanks for the inspiration.