Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mackinac Island and a Brand New Teenager

We started our first full day celebrating our newest teenager - Rachel turned 13! We gave her the choice of what we did that day and she chose a visit to Mackinac Island! It was a fun but full day - more crowded than I ever expected!

First, our ferry ride over to the island! Then we rented bikes and biked the 8 mile perimeter of the island! So beautiful and so charming. Everything was so cute - I wish it would've been easier to take photos, but with biking, we would've stopped every few feet to get all the photos so we experienced it with our eyes and took pictures with our memory!

We enjoyed a tasty lunch, tried some delicious fudge and popped into a couple of adorable shops!

Then it was already time to get the ferry back! And we finished with the birthday girl's request of pizza and cupcakes, a few gifts and a little pampering in the hot tub! A special day celebrating our special girl!


Agnes said...

Oh my God, times flies, Happy birthday Rachel!

Mom said...

What a beautiful day for this excursion to Mackinac Island - so glad our sweet birthday girl had a great day!!

*carrie* said...

A memorable 13th birthday!