Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Quiet Retreat: Narrative

Thunder rumbling outside.

Ticking of the clock.

Dripping of the rain on the skylights.

Rhythmic cycles of the air conditioner and fridge.

A bird chirping in the distance.

Our dog is lazily sleeping away this gray and cozy afternoon while I am drawn into a cocoon of quiet and enveloped by it as a n old quilt wraps around us in comfort. On the weathered bench out the front window, a squirrel nibbles on a nut, the thunder builds yet this feeling of cocooning remains.

Today started with meeting a sweet friend for breakfast and included catching up on lots of life categories plus a Bacon Basil and Egg Biscuit - yum! Then begins an afternoon of listening - Lord, what do You want to say to my heart?

I read the prayer I wrote in my journal 367 days ago at my last Quiet Retreat and I see God's fingerprints in many ways as I look over His answers to the things I laid before Him. Now I start a new page and bring a fresh batch of cares to cast upon Him. My heart is calmed and quieted through the gentle rain, the cozy lower light of a gray day, sitting still in His presence.

The other day I read about the idea that we remember to be still but we forget the and know part - today was both. Pretty soon, heavy eyelids longed for me to give up fighting to hold them open and the slipcovered cushions of our couch beckoned - I succumbed to slumber but not before setting my timer so I wouldn't sleep my retreat away.

Yet isn't physical rest just as important as spiritual? As frequently happens with sleep, the alarm goes off before we are ready for it. I allowed a second doze before knowing I needed to rouse myself back to the land of the awake. And while stirring, the thought of a pot of tea lured me off the couch.

Water was brought to a boil in my blue speckled kettle and honey gently stirred in with tea bags to steep. A candle quickly lit and a treat from a gathering held the night before made a welcome addition.

Why do we forget to treat ourselves to beauty? So what that I'm the only one home?! I can make myself a pot of tea on a tray of beauty just because can't I? Will I? Yes, because every time I do, it feeds my soul! Pouring myself a cup of steaming liquid gold, the pages of my Bible rustle as I turn to the book of Acts.

As I mentioned previously, I read the words out loud and I wish I could figure out how to do it more often. Lightning flickers and thunder crashes and I feel completely at peace for this time of refreshment to my heart - a preaching of truth to myself. And how I need it!

I don't have the answer to every question I brought to the table today, maybe not to even any of them - but this I do have - what really matters is the name of Jesus. Knowing Him. There were some sweet reminders from the book of Acts that I will try to share this week!

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Agnes said...

Beautiful post Monica, your style is much better and the choice of words you use to describe your surroundings are well defined now. Nice work!