Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Hospital Care Ideas Updated!

Thanks for the great feedback on hospital care package ideas! I wanted to give an updated list with some of the ideas here!

Susan suggested:
- flavored chapstick
- hand lotion
- gift cards to local eateries if an extended stay
- dry shampoo {great idea!}
- hair ties

Leeane shared these ideas:
- nice Kleenex, not the scratchy hospital ones! {yes!}
- a fun movie

Mary Ann had a wonderful list of suggestions:
- cash or coins to get food at vending machines
- flavor packets to add to water bottles
- coloring book, colored pencils and pencil sharpener
- Kleenex
- small notebook and pen
- Visa gift cards for gas or meals
- travel size toiletries
- word search or crossword puzzle books
- a "sunshine box" for kids or teens with one item to unwrap each day {love this idea!} with items like DVD's, travel games, Dollar Tree or Target gift card, fun snacks
- crystallized ginger for anyone having chemo or abdominal surgery, helps with nausea {I love crystallized ginger!}

Tina added the following ideas:
- gift cards or money for meals
- homemade food items such as muffins
- Bible, devotional, uplifting materials
- home cooked food plate with permission from nurses

Thanks for all the great suggestions! So encouraging and great ideas here!


Jen said...

I didn't leave a comment last week but wanted to let you know that your post inspired me to send a care package to someone I only know through social media but whose husband is battling a serious form of blood cancer right now. I printed out the little hymnal booklet you posted and included

Snacks (granola bars, fruit leather)
Two refreshing face masks/eye treatments in summery "flavors" (watermelon and sweet pea). This sweet young wife/mom is staying at the hospital with her husband while he undergoes a bone marrow transplant, so I thought this might be a fun way for her to pamper herself while she's with him.
A word search book
A cute pair of earrings
A Starbucks gift card

I was being mindful of shipping-since they are out of state and I had to mail the package-so that limited my items a bit, but I'm hoping what I sent will encourage them.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Jen: I love that!!! So thoughtful and encouraging!

Misty D said...

I really enjoyed all of the ideas, especially to add to my own list. My daughter had surgery last week and was supposed to stay overnight but they let her come home the same night since she also got a PICC line to nurse at home for 2 weeks. This will not be our last hospital experience or stay, for sure, so I’ll keep this list handy 😊