Thursday, June 13, 2019

All-Natural Deodorant

I mentioned earlier in the week that I would tell you about something new I'm trying and here it is. I've tried before to switch to all-natural deodorant and all I can say is we live where it is very hot and humid and nothing was cutting it. Well, there was one I liked but I had a reaction to it which I have since discovered is what I think is a baking soda sensitivity.

For some reason I thought the hottest weekend so far this year was a good time to try again. I had my mammogram recently and while everything was fine, it reminded me that this was something I wanted to try again on because they talked about how aluminum shows up on the scans so I had to wipe my deodorant off. Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I asked a friend for advice and this is what she suggested, so I spent some time reading and researching this product and was happy to see that they had some options that were baking soda free.

Helpful article about deodorant detox here.

Here is what I've tried:
Charcoal Unscented
Skin Soothing Serum
Magnesium Unscented

I guess I'm just sharing this in case it is helpful to any of you or if you, like me, have tried thing after thing without success. I've completed two full weeks so far on this and have been very pleased! Great results, no reaction to the new product, not stinking {and it has been stinking hot - see what I did there?!} and no need to reapply.

This is not sponsored or anything, just helpful info that I have found. And while we are talking personal care - I just discovered this site for small lady undergarments (smile). Waiting for mine to arrive, but they are SO hard to find that I'm hopeful!

Ok, so have you tried an all-natural deodorant? If so, tell me what has worked for you!


intentional.wanderer said...

Hello! I’ve been a bit of a lurker for years... but deodorant always gets me to weigh in! I’ve been using this for over a year now: (except I traded the oils for more feminine lemon and lavender) and I love it! It does have baking soda though... so I’m not sure it would work in your case... I have also played a bit with the proportions - in the winter I use it as is, but in the summer I increase the beeswax to keep it solid in the heat. Anyways - I love it! My SIL loves it and several others who have tried it love it too (and we’ve tried a lot of different ones!) all the best!!

Anonymous said...

The Native brand of deodorant is amazing! It is pricy, but I think worth the investment. Keeps me dry and smelling great. They have many scents (including unscented), but the vanilla and coconut is my favorite. I believe they are now selling at Target, but I buy it online.

Pam said...

I use the deodorant from, and I LOVE it. They offer their deodorant in baking soda free varieties as well, so that should be helpful for you. The cost is $10, and you do have to pay shipping if you order under $50 of products. (I always try to purchase enough to avoid the shipping costs.) The business is a family run business, run by a large homeschooling family. They are great to deal with, my orders always ship promptly and are correctly filled. We LOVE their soaps as well. I also used their lotion, lip balm and "perfume" all of which I really like as well.

Jessica said...

I use plain milk of magnesia, shake the bottle well before applying. :) Started using it when we lived in Colorado over 5 years ago. I tried homemade stuff, but the baking soda hurt too much and the coconut oil was a disaster in summer! My mom died from breast cancer, so I am very mindful about what I put in my armpits.